Prepare your home for impending El Niño weather

Being prepared for El Niño is a team effort. City crews are working hard to clean storm drains, roadways and City facilities for what may become a very wet winter. This effort also requires help from San Diego residents and businesses.

You already have the necessary tools to prepare your home. All it takes is a broom, your hands and a little bit of effort.

One of the best ways to prevent flooding is to keep things cleaned up around your home and business. Simple tips, like keeping trash inside the bin with the lid down will help keep garbage from clogging storm drains.

Use sandbags to line your property and sign up for rain barrel rebate programs to capture excess rainfall. All of the San Diego Fire-Rescue locations offer free sandbags to residents.

Call the Transportation & Storm Water hotline to report (619) 235-1000 or use the online service request form. If you see downed trees or other hazards due to the weather, call (619) 527-7500.

Join the team to get San Diego ready for wet weather. Find more information and resources at

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