Bottles, cans or cardboard? What goes where?

The City of San Diego has been at the forefront of waste diversion, not only in California, but in the nation for over 20 years. The City has a comprehensive recycling program that has expanded exponentially since its inception in the late 80s. The program has grown from basic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard to include cartons, rigid plastics and block polystyrene (Styrofoam).

But the program also incorporates an aggressive reuse and donation focus to educate residents on the importance of diverting waste and finding other uses for materials before being discarded. Landfill capacity is a vital and diminishing resources, so this is a crucial component of the City’s Zero Waste Plan.

The City also has an award winning yard waste recycling program. The Miramar Greenery, operated and maintained by the Environmental Services Department receives about 100,000 tons of material every year and produces mulch, compost and wood chips for residential and business customers alike.

A commercial food waste composting program compliments the yard waste recycling program at the Miramar Greenery, adding approximately 7,000 tons of food waste a year. Residents who are interested can participate in the City’s Backyard Composting Program where they can receive a rebate on a composting bin and free information on how to compost food waste at home.

All of this information and more about what the City is doing to divert waste, as well as what you can do to improve your recycling habits at home, work or play, can be found at our website.